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James. 24. A Scot living in England. A Dúnedain ranger and the blood of Númenor who constantly talks about Tolkien's books and lore. Here you will find a lot of appreciation for Faramir, Sansa Stark, Tolkien's race of Men and House Nymeros Martell.

I don’t respond nicely to bullshit, especially when people try to police what I post in my own blog. So if you're here to tell me what I "should" or "shouldn't" post on my page, don't even bother.


Casey and I have just decided that if we were to write Game of Thrones (the show), we would definitely have Patchface (instead of… you know, all the nakedness) and we would have Nic Cage to play him.

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    WORRY NOT KIDS, we’re already planning the remake christoph waltz will be in it rest assured
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