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James. 24. A Scot living in England. A Dúnedain ranger and the blood of Númenor who constantly talks about Tolkien's books and lore. Here you will find a lot of appreciation for Faramir, Sansa Stark, Tolkien's race of Men and House Nymeros Martell.

I don’t respond nicely to bullshit, especially when people try to police what I post in my own blog. So if you're here to tell me what I "should" or "shouldn't" post on my page, don't even bother.


Asshole or not. I love your blog, it's your blog, this blog is for you. Unfollow button exists for a reason. To all brave anons: don't complain about someone's personal things/thoughts.What if I'd get in your ask as 'anon' and complain about yours. What then? I mean, what's the problem when someone says something personal on his own damn blog.


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